7th March 2016

10 Reasons to Choose a Career in the Live Events Industry #NCW2016

There’s a whole world of careers out there - why choose the live events industry? Take a look through just ten reasons why it makes a whole lot of sense.

1 – It’s fun!

Seriously, it is! The live events industry attracts fun, interesting people. Duncan Reid, director of events management firm Confex Group, told The Guardian; “The industry has a very ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude. You’ve got to be social and like going out. You will go to all sorts of dos, but it’s hard work and in the weeks leading up to an event a lot of dedication and focus is required.”

2 – It’s fast-paced and challenging

Stuck behind the same desk day-in, day-out? No thanks. Live events presents new challenges every single day, whether it be something technical or being able to think on your feet and get a replacement prop within the hour. No two days are the same, and that’s got to be a good thing.

3 – It’s a rapidly growing industry

And it’s only getting bigger. The live events industry is worth £39.1bn to the UK economy alone, a figure that is likely to swell to around £48bn within the next five years. There’s no doubt that it’s an exciting time to be joining the industry.

4 – It’s creative

The live events industry has a whole lot of arms, and for those who like to engage their creative side, there are a wide range of occupations available. “Being able to create something different every time I go to work is one of the reasons I love my job so much,” says projection mapping consultant Shannon Harvey, “and seeing a final product come to life is unbelievably rewarding.”

5 – The UK is the place to be

Lucky you – you’re sitting right here in the centre of the live events industry universe! Since the success of the London Olympics in 2012, the world has flocked to the UK to hold their live events conferences, meetings and showcases. For anyone interested in joining this free-flowing industry – you’re in the right place!

6 – You can be your own boss

The day-to-day nature of live events means that in many cases, it can lend itself to self-employment and freelance work. In fact, as many as 45% of creatives in the UK today are self-employed.

7 – It’s global

The globalisation of the live events industry has boomed in the past decade. Live events professionals can expect to take in all corners of the globe during their career, making return trips to Dubai, for example, where around 3,000 UK companies within the industry travelled last year alone.

8 – Employability

Sure, it’s not the sexiest reason to climb aboard live events, but the fact is, you’ve got to think about the light at the end of the university-shaped tunnel. There are around 25,000 UK live events companies registered in 2016, most of which are expanding at a rate of knots.

9 – It’s well paid

As in any industry, there’s a wide range of vocations each with their own pay level. But in many of the live events opportunities, you can be handsomely compensated for your skills.

10 – It’s pretty cool!

Working in live events means you will never be short of an interesting story to tell, meeting fascinating people on a daily basis and travelling the world is just part of the job. Remember that time you were doing the stage management at a festival and Rihanna bought you a drink?

Oh, and as a bonus..

5 reasons to get your live events career kick-started at Backstage Academy

1 – The level of opportunity

Based out of the biggest indoor rehearsal space in Europe, Backstage Academy students have the opportunity to learn their trade in surroundings most seasoned professionals can only dream of. How many other colleges can boast Lady Gaga, Stone Roses and Robbie Williams as guests in their classroom?

2 – Exciting work placements

Students will reap the benefits of work placements throughout their studies, putting their newly developed skills to the test in real-life environments and network amongst industry pros. This commitment to employability puts Backstage Academy ahead of other courses of this nature.

3 – Learning from industry professionals

Students will learn from experienced professionals with huge leading in the live events industry throughout their time at Backstage Academy in smaller classes designed for incredible progression.

4 – Travel!

The travelling doesn’t have to start after you graduate. Backstage Academy students travelled to Europe last year to express their skills at the coveted Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, some students have visited Taiwan or Ibiza on work placement, and plans are afoot for a class trip to Sydney in 2017.

5 – You’ll be well-set to flourish

As with any branch of higher education, what is perhaps most important is the level of employability you get from it at the end of the tunnel. Backstage Academy is highly rated in developing world class industry professionals of the future, ensuring each of their graduates are well set for a fine career.

Backstage Academy’s final Open Day for 2016 entry is 31 March 16.