5th November 2015

7 Boredom BUSters – Student Advice

There are loads of things you’d prefer to be doing than riding the bus (to uni or anywhere!), but rather than look at it as losing 20 minutes in bed, see it as a window of opportunity. Has anyone ever changed the world during a bus journey? We’re not sure. It could be your chance to do it, or maybe you could just pass the time doing one of these things instead…


Last minute prep – 9am presentation? No problem. The journey is perfect for going over your cue cards which you spent just as long designing as the presentation itself. It’s what this journey was invented for, you should be thankful really, right?


Search for a holiday – it’s dark, absolutely Baltic and it’s making you miserable. You’re dreaming of sun, sangria and the freedom of summer. Google ‘cheap holidays’ and soon come to the realisation that the chances of you going on holiday this side of graduation are slim to none. Soz. But if going away is a reality give http://www.travelzoo.com/uk/ a go! What about searching for work experience abroad?


Tweet –  The wonders of the hashtag means you can get involved in all those important discussions… #liveevents #stagemanagement #eventjobs #chocolate…Also following industry leaders can keep you up to date with all the news which is always useful in things like job interviews.


Read – why not escape reality for a bit and read the next chapter of your book or flick through a magazine? It’ll get your brain in gear and you’ll probably learn something new in the time it takes you to get to uni, winning.


Plan the week ahead – make a mental list of everything you need to get done so you’re on top of what’s going on. Whether it’s an essay that’s due in or a friend’s birthday present that needs buying, it’s a good time to plan and get organised.


Absolutely nothing – your bus journeys don’t have to be a chore. If you block out the screaming kids and people shouting down their phones, it can be kind of relaxing. And it’s probably the last point in the day where you don’t have to physically do anything so make the most of it!


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