We live in a moment of great challenges and transformations, where exciting new possibilities arise. Provoking us to review and reformulate our practices and, consequently, the impact on the education of future generations. In view of contemporary practices and trends, we recognize the approximation between the different areas of creative productions and the need to bring them together through exploring relevant themes that intersect them.

22 & 23 September 2022

The inaugural Backstage Academy Symposium, in collaboration with XPLOR, will be held on our industry-integrated campus at Production Park. 

The Symposium aims to promote a broad dialogue to reflect on multidisciplinary and intersectional practices and education among academics, students, alumni and industry practitioners in the live events and creative industries such as visual arts and exhibitions, live performance, music, film and video, computer games, radio and TV, fashion, writing and publishing, heritage and cultural education. 

The full programme will be published in early September. 


Focusing on three pillars related to our practice and education in creative production: EnvironmentAudience & Sustainability, we invite you to address and reflect on practices and education among multidisciplinary and intersectional projects including technology, arts, design, reception, and in educating future generations in response to mixed and hybrid demands. We welcome submissions for the following presentation categories: 

Papers (20 minutes), Provocations (10 minutes) and Inspirations (5 minutes). Submission content may correspond to one or more of the Symposium topics proposed below: 

  • Liveness in the digital age and virtual production  
  • Empowered audience  
  • Sustainability in the XXI century for the creative sector

For more information on submission criteria, please click the button below. 

Deadline for submissions: 25th August