Our Campus

Studio 001

One of the things that makes us so unique is our link with the LS-Live Studio 001 rehearsal arena at our headquarters, which we use for hands-on practical training sessions. It’s a purpose-built and highly flexible space that’s normally used for touring show rehearsals, film shoots, product launches, test builds and events.

The 32m long by 42m wide studio has a 128 tonne roof capacity from its 18.2m high rigging beams, 1200A (3 phase) power, and four loading bays, meaning it can accommodate any large-scale production. The Studio may be used for rigging training, lighting practicals, stage builds and other practical sessions. Students may also be given the opportunity to do work experience on the productions that come to the Studio.

It’s hard to imagine just how vast the Studio facility is here, so we highly recommend coming on one of our Open Days to look round if you’re considering coming here to study!



1,641 sq m (17,664 sq ft)

42m (138ft)

39m (128ft)

16.5m (54ft) To underside of gantry

18.2m (60ft) Rigging beam height

19.8m (65ft) Maximum working height

128 Tonne roof capacity

Power: 1200A (3 phase)

R-Tek 5mm dovetail interlocking tiles