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There are a diverse range of careers in the live events sector, from Tour Manager, Creative Director and Artist Liaison, to Lighting Programmer, Venue Technician and Sound Engineer, just to name a few. Each event, whether it’s a music gig, fashion show, sports event, corporate event, festival or theatre production, requires a team of people working in collaboration, using their various skillsets to produce a successful end result. To put it into perspective, the Bon Jovi ‘Because We Can’ world tour incorporated 250,000 tonnes of production elements across five touring stages, 200 personnel, six tour buses and over 80 trucks that facilitated the European, American and Australian tour dates. Britain’s Events Sector (conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, hospitality and sporting events) generates in excess of £33 billion each year, with the prediction that this will increase to £40 billion by 2020. Source: Britain for Events

The events sector creates engaging careers, for young and old, male and female, skilled and less skilled, across all cultures. It maximises a wide range of creative, technical and personal talents to produce inspirational and world-changing events. Source: ‘Events are GREAT Britain’ report by the Business Visits & Events Partnership (BVEP), March 2014

‘As an industry, events lead to the provision of over 530,000 (full time equivalent) jobs from apprenticeship level upwards…most importantly, the industry’s aspiration to expand by £12bn by 2020 supports the growth agenda for the UK’. Source: All Party Parliamentary Group UK Event Industry Inquiry Report into the ‘International Competitiveness of the UK Events Industry’ May – August 2013