29th March 2016

Strangest Backstage Demands

Backstage Demands

Backstage Demands

The Strangest!

Working as an artist liaison or looking after an act in general can sometimes be a challenging task. The events industry holds many demands and requirements, but there are a select few that are completely out of the ordinary and need extra attention. With fame comes power, and for the likes of Beyoncé every significant detail has to be acknowledged – even the temperature of her dressing room (which has to be 78 degrees Fahrenheit of course). Prepare yourselves for our selection of the most ridiculous and slightly hilarious backstage and rider requests:

Van Halen: The iconic rock act requested that all brown M&M’s were removed from their bowl of sweets.

Adele: It’s an absolute ‘no-go’ to have organic honey anywhere near Adele’s dressing room, apparently.

Rihanna: Mainly decorative things here, but still very specific – Rihanna asks for blue or black curtains in her dressing room, as well as an animal print rug and a very precise selection of candles.

Taylor Swift: If she’s arriving at a venue before 11am, she requires the following from Starbucks: 1 Grande ICED Caramel Latter with 2 sweet n lows, 1 Grande ICED Americano with 2 sweet n lows, and finally 1 slice of pumpkin load.

Sir Paul McCartney: The Beatles icon asks for a selection of ‘leafy’ plants and flowers across the dressing room. Oh, and as many as 240 clean towels outside of the production office.

Eminem: Who knew Eminem was a fan of Dairylea Lunchables? Well he likes to have 6 in his dressing room.

Will Ferrell: When the comedy star was out promoting his 2008 film ‘Semi-Pro,’ he asked for an electric scooter, a staircase on wheels, a painted rainbow on wheels and a 15-foot-tall fake tree. Are you even surprised?

Jay-Z: Requesting bottles of water seems like quite a normal thing, until you ask for 24 cases to be cold and the other 24 cases to be room temperature.

Madonna: Known very much as a perfectionist, the Queen of Pop asked that the stems of roses in her dressing room were cut down to exactly 6 inches. She’d also prefer it if she had a personal chef, acupuncturist, an on-site dry-cleaner and 20 international phone lines in the room.

Iggy and the Stooges: Iggy’s rider was the same as Iggy’s persona, completely excessive – it was just EIGHTEEN pages long.

The Rolling Stones: Mick and the gang require an extra room for their full-size snooker table please.

Katy Perry: Apparently, Katy insists that her driver is not allowed to talk to her or make any eye-contact whatsoever.

Axl Rose: The Guns ‘n’ Roses frontman is well-known for his controversial behaviour off-stage, but all he asks for is a square melon and an Italian leather sofa to eat it off.

All brilliant in their own right, although admittedly completely unnecessary, you may have to make some of these requests happen further down the line of your events industry career. What would you ask for on your rider?