22nd September 2011

Backstage at PLASA 2011

Last week the Backstage Academy were at PLASA 2011, which turned out to be a thoroughly useful place to be.

The event at Earl’s Court showcases technology and services relevant to the live entertainments industry, and so it was an ideal opportunity for us to tell people about the training and courses we offer to support people either already working, or about to enter the industry.

We had over 250 people registering interest in various courses throughout the four days of the show, with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and stages in their careers. There was a lot of positive feedback about the foundation degree in Live Events Production, revolving around the industry focus.

Likewise, the Backstage Academy caught the eye of many of the big names in the industry, with over 60 partners being established to develop content and links to the courses we already run, and will hopefully develop in the very near future.

Backstage Academy at Plasa 2011

There was a big push on training for the industry at this year’s event, and as such Backstage is well primed to serve this area, with courses supporting many aspects of the industry already. The ABTT announced a Skills Passport that logs all training and qualifications of an individual on an electronic system, along with other requirements for working in the industry including insurance and such like, which is something that will benefit those people delivering training as well as those working in the field. Plasa included a schedule of seminars and workshops over the four days, again demonstrating the growing commitment to training that the industry is developing.

Throughout Plasa 2011, the Backstage Academy re-affirmed it’s growing profile as the industry’s major player in training for the live events industry. Backstage has a lot of support from individuals, organisations and companies within the industry, and the next few months look as though they could be very busy!