15th May 2015

Live Events – a #careerlessordinary

Life after Backstage Academy is exciting, unique and varied because working in the live events industry is so different to most other professions. When you graduate you’ll be equipped with everything you need to land a #careerlessordinary, whether that’s in stage management, visual production, sound engineering or lighting. Here’s exactly why a job in live events is extraordinary…

Out of office

It’s the furthest thing from an office job. If you’re a hands-on person who prefers more physical work and the buzz of being part of something huge then it’s definitely the industry for you. There’s no such thing as 9-5 in live events…


Live events happen all over the world so there are opportunities to visit places you’d never even dreamt of going AND get paid for it! Music concerts, theatre productions and sporting events are big business worldwide so there’s a good chance you’ll be jetting off somewhere amazing.

Never the same

It’s true that you’ll never have the same day twice while working in live events. You’ll be constantly meeting people from all walks of life including some astoundingly talented people, travelling to different places and the atmosphere at each event will be unique every single time.


You’ll face challenges and have hurdles to overcome but problem solving and being challenged keeps it interesting. Remember, a problem is only ever a chance to excel and never more so than in live events.

Hugely rewarding

The overwhelming sense of pride, relief and achievement when something you’ve been working so hard on comes together is like nothing else. It’s not all glamour and the hours can be long but it’s all worthwhile, great fun and extremely rewarding.