Clearing 2015

If you find yourself without the results you need on results day DON’T PANIC! Clearing offers students who haven’t met the conditions of their offer, or who never received any offers originally the chance to apply for courses with extra places.

First things first, take a deep breath and don’t rush into accepting an offer that you’re not 100% sure about. We know you might feel stressed and anxious about the whole thing but panicking won’t help anyone. By following these steps you’ll have the best chance of securing a place on a course you’re happy with.

Contact the universities you applied to

Starting with your first choice, call the unis and explain why you deserve a place on the course. Often the enthusiasm and impression you give can sway someone’s decision so be confident and friendly and remember to have your grades, UCAS number, a pen and paper and any questions you want to ask handy.

Research unis and courses

Find institutions with vacancies through the UCAS website and The Telegraph who also have an app available. Consider courses you have an interest in and know you’ll enjoy, and choose unis that are similar to your top choices in terms of size, campus type and city because this will have a big impact.

Start calling universities

Once you’ve made a shortlist it’s time to start picking up the phone. Universities will have a special Clearing hotline with extra staff waiting to take calls from students. Remember to be confident, have all the relevant information to hand as above and take notes because it’s easy to forget which uni has said what when your head’s all over the place.

Secure your place

Once you’ve got some verbal offers it’s time to make your final choice and add it to UCAS. The uni will then need to accept it and it’s official!

At Backstage Academy we’re keen to talk to anyone who might not have achieved the grades they were after but show a strong interest in the course. We may have vacancies on results day so we’d advise you to give us a call on 01977 659880 to speak to a member of the team and discuss your options. This could be your second chance to enrol on a course that will change your life and lead to a career less ordinary!

Good luck!

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