Fast Food Foe

Will you think twice about eating fast food after finding out how many calories are in just ONE meal?

One of the best things about the live events industry is that it’s so exciting and fast-paced you don’t even get the chance to look at the clock. But it means that finding five minutes to shove a half decent meal down you is impossible, and fast food seems the perfect option when you’re exhausted after working an event. We know “everything in moderation” and all that, but if you knew that just one meal can contain an entire day’s worth of calories, would it stop you heading to Maccy D’s for tea after a day backstage?

This article in The New York Times illustrates exactly what 2,000 calories looks like at some of the biggest fast food chains. With a single burger coming in at around 1,000 calories and a side of fries at 340, washing it all down with a milkshake quickly boosts it to 2,000! And opting for the so-called ‘healthier’ options like salads or a Subway isn’t always better for you because of how they are prepared – often with calorific dressings and a tonne of salt!

With fast food restaurants popping up all over the place, convenience often trumps anything else especially after spending hours in uni. But by preparing your own meals and snacks at home, you can easily stay within the recommended calorie intake AND save money. Make bigger portions to last you a few days and use ingredients you’ve already got so not to waste anything – it really does pay to be that bit more organised!

Check out these sites with healthy meal and snack ideas for when you’re working on live events, on placement, or studying hard to get your degree in production or management.

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