3rd October 2013

Graduate gets set to design

After graduating from our FdA Live Events Production, Harry Heathfield stayed on site in Wakefield to take up a job at LS-Live as a Designer.

During my time at LS-Live and Backstage Academy my experiences and skills have grown massively. After accepting the three-month work placement at LS-Live I couldn’t wait to get started designing for the industry.

Gareth Mallon, my mentor was and still is a great teacher, he has patience, a lot of design skill and an understanding of a client’s expectations. Not having much experience in design meant I had a lot to learn and I started off creating basic stage layouts moving on to more complicated projects.

As I was able to turn concepts and ideas into drawings fairly well, I was given a range of small and large projects to do myself. This included my first big job, the One Direction pinball machine, used on the 2013 BRIT Awards. I worked with Gareth on minor details and created renders to send on to the client; seeing it go from rendered concept to being on the TV was a truly rewarding moment.

Not only do we design stage sets, but we also do custom items such as the box office we did for the Mallorca Rocks Hotel. The concept was to create a flat-pack box office for ticketing outside. I came up with a viable option for the client, price wise and practically, and led the project by creating manufacture drawings and getting hands-on with the fabricators to get the project delivered on time.


After the three months was up, LS-Live offered me a full-time position on the design team, this is more than I could have expected the course to offer, I wasn’t going home to work at a local shop, I was still here in Yorkshire working in the industry I came here to work for!

On a day-to-day basis I am working on many projects, a recent one being our biggest to date – the Jay Z Magna Carter world tour. This is the most intense design work I have ever undertaken and it truly shows me how far I have come since beginning the FdA at Backstage Academy. The project has meant I am designing custom elements with these new skills and fitting them into the stage set designed by LS-Live.

I am still amazed and excited every day to see something that I have been working on come to life and get seen by thousands if not millions of people!