4th November 2013

Graduate heads to 2014 Winter Olympics

Congratulations to FdA graduate Roanna Clark, who has just got a job in the Technical Services Department on the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia! She will soon be flying out there to assist the Production Manager of all the plants, cranes and machines used for the build for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Roanna, who graduated in 2013, was always a very proactive student and pursued work opportunities during her studies through her connections with Festival Republic. She first got a job with the company in the accreditation department with Latitude, Leeds Festival and the Radio One Hackney Weekender.



She went on to have an interview for a position at the Glastonbury Festival site office and unsurprisingly got the job! She spent five months there working under the Site Manager to help organise the schedules, contractors and manage budgets for the tents in some of the peripheral areas like The Park and The Common.

She’s also worked at Leeds Festival again this summer in accreditation and done a varied job at Festival No. 6. She said: “People take you more seriously when they know you’ve committed your time to a course at Backstage Academy and don’t just think you want employment for a free festival ticket!”