15th July 2015

Making your university room feel like home

As a new term fast approaches and you begin to think about what you’ll need to pack for the move to Wakefield we thought we’d give you a few pointers! There are the essentials like cutlery, laundry basket, clothes hangers, etc. but apart from that you’ll want to make your room as homely as possible and here’s how…


There’s nothing better than an inviting bed to crawl into after a long day of learning and a hectic night of socialising. Make it extra cosy with cushions, blankets, and because you don’t know who’s slept in it before, a mattress protector just to be sure. The only problem is you might never want to leave…

Posters / Pin board

A plain white room isn’t going to make anyone feel at home so brighten it up with posters of your favourite film/bands, which can also act as a conversation starter too. A pin board is great for important things like timetables, bills and other paperwork you can’t afford to lose!


Memories of holidays, parties and times spent with family and friends will always put a smile on your face and encourage you to keep in touch with people back home. As you make great friends and have awesome experiences at Backstage there’ll be even more snaps to add to the collection.


As long as you keep them alive, plants and flowers are a lovely way to bring a bit of colour and life to your room. But if you think you can’t be trusted to have real ones, artificial flowers look just as good.


Bring whatever gadgets and gizmos you want to make it feel like you’re at home, whether that’s your TV, iPad or Xbox (but remember to buy contents insurance!) It’s a great way to bond with the people you live with and chill out at evenings and weekends.

What will you be bringing with you when you move to study at Backstage Academy? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!