19th November 2015

Meet the Chair of the Student Council!

Firstly Emma, huge congratulations on your appointment as Chair of Student Council! What led you to want to be involved?

I think for the most part what led me to want to be in this position was to be a voice to the students, a person who will try and resolve most things or at least come to a compromise. As a student of Backstage Academy I get to see a lot of issues first hand, and it is a great opportunity for me and other people to make a difference.

One of your main roles will be to lead a team of nine other course reps, how do you intend to inspire and lead the group?
I think the rep team agree that Backstage itself is a pretty inspiring place, so where improvements are needed I think it is all of our responsibility to resolve any issues. I don’t see me as a leading figure, I just see me as part of a group of people who want to make improvements Backstage Academy and make it the amazing experience it should be.

An important part of Backstage Academy’s success us to hear feedback from its students and you will now be chairing the student staff liaison committee meetings. What do you hope comes from this opportunity?
On a personal level it’s great that I can gain insight into what happens at these meetings, and also what is going on at Backstage. It is also a great opportunity to voice opinions and to make sure that things are fed back on a regular basis to both students and staff alike. I know everyone at the Academy is starting to feel like their voices and ideas are being heard, which is great for everyone.

Do you see the role having a positive effect on your future employment prospects?
Without a doubt, my main objective is to go into a more managerial role within the events industry, I feel this is great experience in certain skills, which without the role I wouldn’t really know much about. Attending meetings, being organised and listening to other people’s opinions is very important to my future employment options.

What course are you currently studying at Backstage?
I am currently in my Second Year of the Live Events Production course

Where would you like your career to head?
I would love to have the opportunity to be a Tour Manager in future, I feel that would be a great experience, other than that I would love to go into Artist Management/Personal Assistant, or even into an Event Manager role.

And finally, what one piece of advice would you give to a college student who is contemplating attending Backstage Academy?
Looking back, only 2 years ago I would not see myself doing the things I am doing no., Backstage has given me amazing opportunities and has put me in touch with some amazing people and work contacts, if you like the thought of being in the Live Events Industry then Backstage is perfect!

Thank you Emma, and we wish you all the luck in the world!