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Every fortnight we’ll bring you a collection of stories showcasing student life at Backstage Academy.

Volume 1: 

Monday 23rd September 2019 - Friday 4th October 2019


BA (Hons) Stage and Production Management - All year groups

Thursday 26th September

A great way for students to be introduced to their peers is to get in a room and have a chat together!

During the year, the Stage & Production Management team organise three ‘POW WOWs’ - a group discussion with all year groups. Course Leader, Claire Porter, said,

"It's a great way for students to get to know each other and for 1st years to aspire and learn from 2nd and 3rd years."

Laura Stone, a 3rd year who took part in the inaugural POW WOW, also appreciates the importance of getting to know the Academy’s other stage managers and recognises the significance of all years being together in creating a community feel in the department. She said, 

“it is an absolutely positive process. The light-hearted and fun nature of the session sets a positive precedent for the rest of the year!”

It is important for everyone at Backstage Academy to be comfortable around each other in order to access, and benefit from, the family and community feel here. Sessions like POW WOW help to break down the social barriers between year groups and contribute towards successful collaborations during students’ time at Backstage Academy and their careers beyond.


BA (Hons) Live Events Production – 2nd Years 

Thursday 26th September

The second year Live Events Production BA (Hons) students had a packed session last week during their Introduction to Lighting practical.

Lecturer, Gabriel Woodger, gave the students the opportunity to rig and play with multiple moving heads including spots and washes while experimenting with gobos to create their own lighting designs. The students also had the chance to mix different colour temperature and experience how colours interact with each other when lighting the subject from multiple angles.


BA (Hons) Stage & Production Management - 1st Years 

Friday 27th September

Delivered by Technical Director, Gareth Wellbourn, the introduction to staging is an important process for all students at Backstage Academy. He said,

"It's imperative for students to experience working with staging in a safe and controlled environment and to recognise the complexity of putting a stage together. This experience provides a strong grounding of proficiency when working outside Backstage Academy."

Students Charley and Yasmin, who had taken part in the session, said,

"Having the opportunity to learn hands on with the staging helped us to feel much more comfortable working with stages. We now feel confident to work on a stage outside of Backstage Academy!"

Backstage Academy prides itself on encouraging a hands on teaching and learning approach enabling students to gain confidence quickly and safely before heading into the live events industry.


BA (Hons) Live Visual Design & Production – 1st Years 

Thursday 3rd October

Last week we were fortunate enough to be visited by Harrison Mead, one of our BA (Hons) Live Visual Design & Production alumni.

Harrison was with us to deliver a masterclass on Notch vfx to our 1st year Live Visual Design & Production students before he jets off to LA to deliver the session to a group of industry professionals.

It's so great to see Harrison doing so well in the industry!


BA (Hons) Live Events Production – 1st Years 

Monday 7th October

Most recently, some of our Live Events Production Students had their first Working with Electricity lecture. During the session they became Electrons flowing through a circuit allowing them to visualise and experience the way that electricity flows in the circuit. Delivering the session, Frazer Gall said,

"Learning the way electricity flows and how to work safely with it allows for effective and efficient planning of Live Events when selecting cable type and evaluating power supply. Students are progressing from understanding how to use a 10m extension cable to be using 300m of three-way cabled running through an arena."

This is a great example of the scale of the Live Events Industry and the power of the equipment in use and the way in which learning at Backstage Academy remains interactive and engaging in Lectures.


  • Stage managers will have their first staging assessment. 
  • Live Visual Design & Production students will be introduced to WYSIWYG. 
  • A range of sound and lighting practicals will take place for Live Events Production students.

Stay tuned for all this and more!

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