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Work experience in Taiwan for Visual Production students

Taiwan Work Experience

Taiwan Work Experience

Visual Production Students


Wowing a big client, on a big job, on a big pressure project. There aren’t many better feelings. And that’s exactly what members of Backstage Academy’s Visual Production course achieved when they were engaged on a work placement with consulting firm AspectUnlimited and travelled to Taiwan to complete an ambitious project for alcohol giant Diageo recently.

Employed by globally renowned entertainment technology consultants AspectUnlimited, second year students Alex Burrows, Thomas Kother and Lee Sampson travelled to the far east as part of an effort to promote The Singleton whisky tasting experience in Taiwan.

The project brief was incredibly technical and ambitious, requiring the students to use projection mapping on a topographical map of Scotland to convey the rich heritage of The Singleton brand. It was far from simple, and the success of the project pays testament to the nurtured talent Backstage Academy can boast.

“I was delighted with how the visual production group delivered under incredible pressure, but it was never something I doubted,” said Aspect Unlimited Principal Consultant and Backstage Academy Visual Production lecturer Shannon Harvey, “our students expect to be working with the very biggest clients and achieving great things on a huge scale.”

The trio represented Aspect Unlimited independently, working alongside global marketing giants Ogilvy & Mather and world famous food artists Bompas & Parr. Indeed, the head client, Diageo, is one of the world’s elite alcoholic beverages companies, presiding over brands such as Guinness, Smirnoff, Tanqueray and Blossom Hill, with over 20,000 employees and offices in 80 countries.

“Our students might not have graduated yet, but many of them already possess the skills and talent to measure up to the vast majority of industry professionals in the world,” said Harvey, “Aspect Unlimited didn’t employ those guys as my students, they employed them as world class professionals.”

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