We Explore Innovative Practices in the Creative Industries.

At Backstage Academy we engage with theoretical, applied, pedagogic and policy-based research and innovation. 

We work with industry and educational partners to explore innovative practices within the creative industries, alongside our world class live events campus and multidisciplinary community at Production Park.

Research & Innovation Centre

Backstage Academy is partnering with Wakefield Council in a bid to The European Regional Development Fund to create a new Research and Innovation Centre. 

The Backstage Academy Research & Innovation Centre will create a specialist knowledge and innovation environment that will focus on research and development (R&D) for the live events industry and its supply chain. The centre and its specialist equipment will be used to deliver a support programme targeting SMEs across the live events industry, covering specialisms such as music, TV, film, sports, corporate events, theatre and arts.

The Centre and Its Resouces Will Include:

  • Large scale design/prototype spaces suitable for testing, modelling and building both physical and virtual environments 
  • Multi-use space suitable for SME workshops, presentations and meetings
  • Workshop space equipped with specialist equipment in areas such as rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing
  • Pre-visualisation suites where new products, stage sets and other large structures can be built and modelled virtually, together with systems control, prior to full manufacturing
  • Design space where scenic artists and creative businesses can try new techniques including automation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality tools


Get in Touch

If you would like to discuss research & innovation opportunities at Backstage Academy and Production Park, please get in touch by email at enquiries@backstage-academy.co.uk or call 01977 659880.

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