4th February 2015

Richard Herrick Q&A

Stage Management Degree Open Day Special Guest


If you’re planning on visiting us at our Stage Management Degree open day on 17th February you’ll have the pleasure of meeting and finding out more about Richard Herrick. He’s a Stage Manager with 20 years professional experience across every type of live event you can think of and has managed productions all over the world including Blue Man Group, Scottish Opera and the Tour de France 2014 to name but a few!

We’re extremely lucky to have had Richard previously teach on the FDA Live Events Production course, and now he’s taken on a lead role in writing the new Stage Management Degree which you may well end up studying here at Backstage Academy!

Ahead of the open day, we managed to grab 5 minutes with Richard while he wasn’t opening a show in some exotic location, to find out a bit more about his incredible career and what his top tips are to break into the live events industry…


How did you get into the industry?

I did a BTEC in performing Arts in Nottingham where I grew up, and from that did a degree in Theatre Arts at Manchester University. It was whilst on work placements from University that I made contacts within the professional world, and I went straight from leaving University into my first job at the Octagon Theatre in Bolton.

What has been your career highlight?

Too many to mention! Opening “Blue Man Group” in London and Las Vegas, “War Horse” in Berlin and the “Tour de France” opening ceremony at Leeds Arena

What are your top 3 tips for people hoping to break into the industry?

Contacts, time keeping and politeness!

What are the earning brackets from someone starting out to someone accomplished?

That’s hard to answer as there are so many variables – is it full time, freelance, weekly or fee based? But it can be from as low as someone is prepared to accept, up to £50k plus?

Why did you decide to become involved with Backstage Academy?

I believed in Backstage Academy’s ethos of training our future stage managers using the latest methods, equipment and most importantly people who are still currently experts in their field.

Check out the details of the Stage Management Degree here: http://www.backstage-academy.co.uk/degree-courses/stage-management-3/