5th April 2016

Roadies and their responsibilities

Roadies & Their Responsibilites


Their Responsibilites

Roadies job can be one of the most rewarding roles in the events industry. Watch your efforts turn into breath-taking live performances as you help to stage various music concerts around the world. You may be part of a specific tour, or dotted around in different events from festivals to club gigs, either way – you are just as important as the act themselves, because without you, there wouldn’t be a show!

If you are physically fit, love music and enjoy technology, then this is the career for you.  You would be responsible for setting up the stage pre-show, help manage instruments and equipment during the show, and then pack everything away afterwards. Demanding yet fulfilling, roadie work is a unique opportunity to work with a hands on approach in the music business.

Working activities – working in a huge group of people who all share a similar passion can be a very exciting thing. You’ll certainly make plenty of friends, and support each other through the following day-to-day activities:

  • Lifting and carrying equipment and sets
  • Driving, loading and unloading vans, trailers and tour buses
  • Acting as security for equipment and band members
  • Setting up and looking after sound equipment
  • Setting up video equipment and screens
  • Rigging up wiring and lighting
  • Setting up pyrotechnics (fireworks) and laser displays
  • Tuning the instruments during the show.

You could even be responsible with tour management duties such as booking travel, organising catering or issuing backstage passes.

Concerts take place in every corner of the world, it’s most likely that you’ll do a lot of travelling and you’ll visit many different countries during one tour. During a tour you may well work late into the night, in seven day stints, however you will be rewarded with long breaks between tours and as many rest days as possible to go out and explore.

With technical skills and extensive experience, you could earn around £250 a day being a roadie, and here at Backstage Academy we offer courses that facilitate many of the attributes you’ll need to kick-start a roadie career.  We also work with some of the industry’s leading names, giving you several work experience opportunities during your time at our university. Check out our courses page for more info!