Short Courses


This course is an in-depth theoretical and practical training course designed for people of all levels of experience. It’s delivered using a purpose-designed truss rig and a wide range of safety equipment. The course will run from 9am to 5:30pm on day 1 and 8:30am to 5:30pm on day 2.

It also includes one night’s on-site accommodation.

2 Days
£450+ VAT
Production Park Studio*
  • Topics covered

    • Regulations, guidance, standards, and working at height
    • PPE inspection and Inspection records
    • Basic lifting principles
    • Rigging hardware – factors of safety, mode of use factors
    • Truss theory, beams, load distributions, bridles, and angled loads
    • Practical (Rigging hoists from bridles, floating the hoists, slinging and flying a truss-box, ropework from the flown box, de-rigging and packing away safely)
    • Bridle choice from estimation, measurement and calculation
    • Calculation of loads from Vector Analysis (Parallelogram of forces)
    • Knots – Bowline and clove-hitch, and rope finishing
    • Basket and choke techniques, shackle types
    • Truss slinging
    • Hoist operation and electrical safety
    • Rescue planning
  • Who should attend

    The course appeals to a wide cross section of people, from industry novices with an interest in rigging, to technicians working with rigging equipment, and professional riggers wanting a refresher course to sharpen their skills.

  • Prerequisites

    There are no prerequisites for the Rigging Course, other than a keen interest in working in the rigging sector in live events.

  • Included within the course

    Lunch, refreshments and one night’s on-site accommodation

*The course is delivered in a studio at Production Park subject to studio bookings and BACKSTAGE ACADEMY® reserves the right to move the location of the Rigging Course practical training to a different location on the Production Park site.