Student Life

Student Wellbeing

For all students, higher education offers opportunities and challenges. At Backstage Academy, we are dedicated to student wellbeing to help every student benefit from the positive mental health benefits of higher education, while identifying and providing appropriate support to those more vulnerable to its pressures. Attending university is not simply about academic and vocational learning, it’s also about having lots of new experiences and learning how to navigate your way through them. We are with you every step of the way.

Backstage Academy students benefit from a highly individual, personalised and integrative approach to wellbeing, suited to their specific needs and supporting them in developing resilience, both personally and professionally. In doing so, we collectively create the next generation of live events industry professionals who benefit from highly experienced mentors and mental health professionals. We offer professional, registered counselling and psychotherapy, one-to-one support and on-site medical care at Church View Medical Practice, making Backstage Academy a place where not only live music lives, but where wellbeing is at the forefront of your learning experience.