3rd February 2015

Super Bowl Live Event Spectacular

How much kit went into the entertainment at this year's Super Bowl?

The eyes of the world were on America on Sunday night as the annual Super Bowl took place, this year between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks with an incredible half-time performance from Katy Perry that wowed the crowds and got everyone talking. If you stayed up to watch it, or even if you didn’t, you’ll know that there were human chess pieces, dancing sharks and enough wardrobe changes to keep everyone glued. But what else went on behind the scenes to make it such an unforgettable live event?

Staff, field team members and cast members totalling almost 1,650 people were involved in the production to create the visual spectacular. But aside from that, 765 lighting fixtures, 384 LED tiles, 108 speakers, an 18,000 square foot projection surface, 25,000 amps of power, 90 projectors, 24 cameras, 10 flame cannons , a LOT of pyrotechnics, a flying rig and one giant tiger puppet helped make it the most talked about event of 2015 so far.



Katy Perry



Super-Bowl-XLVIII (1)

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