28th September 2015

Interview tips for a job in the Live Events industry

Contemplating a career within the live industry and worried about potential job interviews? Well then worry no more, as we’ve put together a list of advice to help you relax and grab that job you dream of with both hands.

1. First impressions.
First impressions are very important. Showing an employer that you take the job and the interview seriously will be sure to impress them. It is crucial that you stand out for the right reasons when at an interview as many other people will be applying for the same role as you. In order to get ahead, you need to prove that you and only you are right for the job. Smile, greet the interviewer with a handshake and again at the end to show good manners from someone who wants to be employed!

2. Know your stuff.

Always show up to an interview knowing all about the job specification before hand. Come with your own ideas and opinions and be critical without insulting when asked for your views. Try and look at things from an audience perspective as well and not always from your own opinion. Offer suggestions on aspects of the industry you would want to improve and show how your expertise would benefit the company you are applying for.

3. Get Prepared.
Spend the night before brushing up on your knowledge of the company that you applying within. Employers love to ask what you already know about them, so impress them with all of the info you have learnt from your night of social media stalking and Googling to really wow your future employer!

4. Be ready for anything.

From time to time, an interviewer may want to test you and see how you cope under pressure by throwing you a curve ball. If this happens, don’t panic and just take your time to collect your thoughts, take a deep breath and answer honestly and sensibly. It’s pretty much impossible to know the answer to every question before hand, so don’t beat yourself up if you do get asked a question you are unsure of.

5. Manners.

Last but by all means not least are manners. Whether you’re trying to get a job in the live events industry or any type of industry for that matter, manners go a long way. They also demonstrate your ability to represent the company or brand in a positive way.

Perfecting the art of the interview takes time and practice. Once you have been to a few, you’ll be sure to develop your own technique on how to approach them.