Top 5 apps for Freshers!

Looking for something to help the transition from home to university life? Then look no further. These next 5 apps will help ease you into independent living and will aid you in getting the most out of being a self-reliant adult.

1. Find My iPhone/ Find My Android Phone.

This app is great for those pesky times when your phone is no where to be seen. Whether it’s slid down the side of your bed, you’ve lost it on a night out or the worst case scenario of it being stolen, Find My iPhone/ Find My Android Phone can help you locate the phone on a map to tell you exactly where it is. This app is a must have as it even gives you directions in case you want to drive to it!

2. Vouchercloud.
This app allows you to grab amazing deals and discounts from all leading UK retailers from restaurants to shopping and electronics to gadgets. You’ll never be out of pocket with this shopping companion!

3. National Rail
Being a student for most people means getting used to using public transport and getting around without having the taxi of Mum and Dad to rely on. If home is no longer a 20 minute bus journey away, then the National Rail app will certainly come in handy when you need to jet back to your parents for a Sunday roast. You can track live trains and even book your tickets with the app, removing the stress of getting to where you need to go.

4. Depop
Has student living left you needing some extra cash? Whack all of your old clothes, shoes, bags, whatever you don’t want anymore, onto Depop and instantly wave goodbye to your unwanted items and hello to those extra £££’s. You can buy, sell and even swap items using this nifty app.

5. Sleep Cycle
Does the thought of waking up for 9am lectures make your skin crawl? I think we all feel the same. Unfortunately, universities have a lovely habit of forcing us out of our nice, warm beds and making us face the mornings bright and early. However, all is not lost. A new app called Sleep Cycle has come to the rescue! This clever little app analyses how you sleep when it’s in your bed and wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase, so that you feel naturally rested and ready to face the day.

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