8th May 2015

Top Apps Every Student Should Have

A well-rounded student has the art of studying, budgeting, and socialising down to a tee but it sometimes feels impossible to juggle all at once. Thankfully, the digital age we now live in means there are mobile apps for just about everything, from how to organise your finances to searching out the best discounts. Here we’ve listed the top 6 apps to help manage each aspect of your student life…


Budgeting doesn’t mean every penny goes on bills and food, but by being more cautious you won’t run out before the end of term, and it should leave some left over for fun stuff too. Goodbudget is a free app that divides your budget into categories and helps you plan it as well as track it. It can even be shared with family and friends, which is ideal if you’re living in shared accommodation.


What better than an app that organises your whole life? Evernote syncs all data on all your devices, from to-do lists to lecture notes, and different folders mean everything is really easy to find. You can access it from your phone, laptop and tablet and you don’t even need internet connection – there’s no excuse to forget anything ever again!


There’s no one that doesn’t get excited when they hear the words “money off” and for a student it’s even better. There are loads of free discount apps around but Voucher Codes offers money off in restaurants, shops and businesses and it’s really easy to use. The online code guarantee promises that even if your code doesn’t work you’ll still get a free meal at Pizza Express – winning!


We know it happens and we know how fun it can be, but it’s easy to go over the top when spirits are high (pun intended). If you want to cut down or just keep track of how much you’re drinking, Drinkaware calculates units and calories, allows you to set goals and informs you about the benefits of cutting down.


Looking and feeling good is massively important to most students and that’s where Myfitnesspal comes in. The free app makes calorie counting and food tracking easy and you can also add exercise to calculate your net calories for the day. The best thing? If you’re lazy (which would be pretty ironic) you can simply scan the barcodes on food packaging.


If you’re totally unorganised when it comes to the kitchen, All Recipes is perfect as it gives you ideas based on what you’ve already got in your cupboard, how much time you’ve got to make it, or the kind of thing you fancy. Late night munchies don’t mean takeaway pizza any longer!