Top food cupboard items that every fresher needs!

To survive as a student, these essentials are a must to pop in your trolley when you’re doing the weekly food shop. We all know how frustrating it can be when you get home, get ready to start cooking and oh wait… You’ve forgotten something. So don’t make the same mistakes again and take note of these items that will well and truly save your student life.

1. Salt & Pepper.

Not always the first item that comes to mind when food shopping I’m sure, as we’d all much prefer to spend our money on those Doritos and Pringles that are on offer in the next aisle. However, when it comes to cooking proper meals, salt and pepper can be added to anything to spruce up the flavour. Keep these pals in mind next time you’re doing a big shop.

2. Oil.

Another kitchen gem that often gets over looked. Oil however, is required for loads of cooking and will certainly help avoid the tiresome scrubbing of pans, to remove burnt food from the bottom of the pan. For tighter student budgets, sunflower oil is a great, cheaper alternative to regular cooking oil and works just as well.

3. Pasta.
Meet your new best friend. Seriously. Pasta at uni is an absolute lifesaver. You can buy huge bags of the stuff and keep it in stock for those sad times when the next student loan is just too far away. Throw in chicken, add some peppers and WHAM you’ve got yourself a hearty meal. Made too much? Not a problem. Whack in a Tupperware box, slip in the fridge and you’ve not only got lunch for the next day but you’ve saved on the cash too. Winner.

4. Baked beans/Spaghetti hoops.
I mean seriously, who doesn’t love baked beans and or spaghetti hoops. These bad boys just scream student cuisine and you wouldn’t be a proper student without at least 5 tins stashed away somewhere. Perfect for a quick and easy dish and goes great with toast or smothered over a baked potato, these truly are a staple student food.

5. Tea and Coffee.
We all need a pick me up in the morning. So, stock up and be well prepared in advance for those late nights and 9am lecturers when you’ll
really need that extra caffeine boost.


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