1st March 2016

Wakefield’s Nightlife – An Interview with Chris Morse of Unity Works

Wakefield Nightlife

In the light of our recent Wakefield blog, we thought we’d catch up with Chris Morse from Unity Works, a man responsible for setting up some of the hottest events in the city. Chris gives us further insight into the nightlife here in Wakefield…

Hi Chris! Thanks for talking to us today. Firstly, from working at Unity Works, do you think Wakefield’s nightlife is thriving?

Weekends are particularly busy and weeknights seem to be improving. Some of our Major Hall gigs on weeknights can be as busy as any weekend.

What can newcomers expect in terms of diversity on a night out in Wakefield?

Everything from clubs playing pop and dance music to live music nights featuring a variety of genres from indie, rock, folk and jazz. Saturday nights on Westgate can get pretty lively, but there is a growing number of pubs and bars including our own Café Bar which specialise in real ales, craft beers and cocktails if you prefer a slightly more relaxed night out.

In what way does Wakefield differ from other cities nightlives?

I’d say Wakefield stands up with the best in many ways, what is great though is everything is pretty central to Westgate so unlike many other student cities you don’t need to walk for miles to get between venues!

Students starting at Backstage Academy will have a huge interest in the music scenes, can you tell us a little bit about live events in Wakefield?

Mainly based around Unity Works, the Wakefield music scene is going from strength to strength. In just over a year since opening, Unity has hosted international touring acts such as The Cribs, Frank Turner, Cage the Elephant, Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club, The Unthanks, British Sea Power, Ash and more. Warehouse 23 also pulls in its fair share of big names. Long Division Festival is Wakefield’s answer to Live at Leeds or Camden Crawl and attracts some great bands. There are a few smaller scale venues too such as Players and Snooty Fox which host local band gigs nights.

Is it a relatively cheap place to go out?


Will people feel safe on a night out in Wakefield?

Yes, you should feel safe on a night out in Wakefield, it’s a very friendly city.

Can you tell us about some of the biggest acts you’ve seen in Wakefield?

I promoted gigs with Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons, The Maccabees and The Cribs at a 200 capacity venue in Wakefield called Escobar which closed down a few years ago. There are plenty of big acts regularly playing at Unity Works and Warehouse.

Nights out can often take their toll, which are the best places to go and eat after a heavy one?

Pie Shop is the one and only place to be after a big night out, you’re in Yorkshire after all!

What is your best memory (if you can remember) of a night out here in Wakefield?

Arctic Monkeys at Escobar was a particularly memorable one, there were footprints on the ceiling after that gig. Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club at Unity always has a great atmosphere and is currently one of the best nights out in Wakefield.

What is the best way of keeping up to date with what’s going on in Wakefield?

Check our website. Warehouse also has a website and Players and Snooty Fox have Facebook pages.