8th March 2016

How Important are Work Placements? #NCW2016

Work Placements

“Work placements join up the dots of education, enabling young people to see the whole picture of why they are learning certain subjects.
Subjects such as Maths and English are applied in the workplace daily, giving young people their first glance as to why these subjects are important.”

Mark Lee (Information and Guidance Team Leader – Hartlepool College)


“Hugely – they make your learning come alive!”

Janet Ann Colledge (Careers Education Consultant outstandingcareers.co.uk)


“They are very important and make the theoretical work easier to understand and easier for students to come up with more advanced, balanced and informed arguments – ultimately raising the standard of their work.”

Benedicta Banga (Founder – GradStrategy)


“Vital, if the student is prepared to find meaning in it. Nobody would buy a car without doing considerable research into what that car would be like and test driving it extensively, why should a career be any different?

Work experiences are valuable not only for the skills/qualities gained during the experience but for the opportunities to network and spark opportunities in the student’s favour. I heard it once said that you can have anything in this life if you help enough people get what they want out of life. Developing these networks/relationships with professionals and employers is crucial. Let’s teach students to be smart enough to walk through any door that opens for them.”

William Costello (Careers Advisor u-explore.com


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