You’ve got the results so now what?

The waiting is over. Students up and down the country have been put out of their collective misery and have finally been given their A-level results after weeks of nervous anticipation.

But for some, the misery continues as according to The Telegraph, five students competed for every spare university place yesterday, leaving unprecedented numbers disappointed. And the cause for this mass scramble for places? The impending hike in tuition fees from £3,290 to up to £9,000, which comes into effect in 2012. But there are other options out there for students keen to move into higher education and a three-year degree is not the only choice. Courses like our fast-track foundation degree in Live Events Production offer exceptional value for money as the modules are condensed into 15 months of intensive learning. This means that rather than prolonging their studies over the usual two years required for a foundation degree and incurring the full cost of tuition fees for this period as well as living expenses, students can be qualified and ready to work in little more than the space of a year. We are also considering the introduction of a BA, which would potentially mean just one more year of further study for those who successfully complete the foundation degree.

There are also innumerable benefits to studying a vocational course like Live Events Production over a traditional degree subject that has not been tailored to meet the needs of a specific industry. Our intention is to provide our students with the technical and creative skills they need to work in the live events industry, helping them to make a smooth transition from studying to working.

Our message to students out there who are still looking to secure a university place is simply to make sure you look at the full range of courses available and to take into consideration the advantages that some courses can offer you when it comes to employment. University isn’t just about getting an education anymore; it’s also about getting the career you want at the end of it.


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